Cellar Visits

The Château de Rousseau team are ready to receive you for a tour of the vat room and aging cellar.

Open all year round monday tuesday thursday friday all year round from 9h to 12h00 and 14h to 17h

Guided tour and tasting in the cellars :

Visit & testing of 2 wines 5,00€/person
Visit & testing of 2 wines + 1 appetiser 9,00€/person
Visit & testing of 3 wines 7,00€/person
Visit & testing of 3 wines + 2 appetisers 12,00€/person
Visit & testing of 4 wines 10,00€/person
Visit & testing of 4 wines + 3 appetisers 16,00€/person

We also offer you the possibility to continue your tasting over a lunch served in the dining room of the Château in a convivial and elegant setting – by reservation only. See Accomodation

Thanks to the care undertaken by our landscape gardener, the park, with its ornamental lake surrounding a tiny island, offers visitors a moment of tranquillity and botanic discovery. Take the time to stroll amongst the collection of aquatic plants, shrubs, creepers, roses and other flowers that adorn the park.

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